DMT Changa


Changa is an herbal smoke blend that has been infused with DMT (N,NDimethyltryptamine)

  • 1g contains 500mg DMT

This herb blend consists of:

  • 50% Mullein
  • 15% Mugwort
  • 15% Passionflower
  • 10% Blue Lotus
  • 10% Peppermint


Changa is an herbal smoke blend that has been infused with N,NDimethyltryptamine. The herbs are often mildly psychoactive in nature and have a synergistic effect when combined with DMT. Changa is versatile and can be smoked or vaporized just like cannabis. Each herb in this blend has been carefully selected to create the smoothest, most enjoyable experience for the user.

This changa is 50% DMT and 50% herbs by weight. The DMT is extracted from Mimosa hostilis and the herbal blend consists of:

 Mullein (Base Herb)  Mullein is the ideal base for a smoke blend as it produces a smooth, light smoke.
 Mugwort (Supporting Herb)  Sometimes referred to as the “dreaming herb, mugwort promotes lucid dreaming and supports the nervous system. It has a slightly sweet flavour and produces a light smoke.

 Passionflower (Supporting Herb)  Passionflower improves sleep and eases anxiety while supporting the nervous system. It adds a slightly sweet flavour.

 Blue Lotus (Supporting Herb)  Blue lotus has relaxing, calming, and mildly euphoric effects. It can also assist in pain relief and relaxation of the nervous system.

 Peppermint (Flavouring Herb)  Peppermint offers a great minty flavour that softens the harshness of the smoke and provides a cooling aftertaste. It improves blood circulation and encourages relaxed breathing by clearing the lungs and respiratory tract.


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