Blue Foot Mushrooms




Blue Foot mushrooms, botanically classified as Clitocybe nuda, though sometimes is referred to as Lepista nuda, are an edible variety that are members of the Cortinarius family. Also known as Pied bleu, Blue Foot mushrooms are the cultivated cousin of the wildwood blewit mushroom and grow in both deciduous and coniferous regions. Blue Foot mushrooms are not a true blue mushroom, like the blue entoloma, which is blue inside and out and can easily be mistaken for several mushrooms in the Cortinarius family which are toxic. Often favored as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes, Blue Foot mushrooms are a versatile ingredient that holds its shape well when cooked while offering rich flavors and a tender texture.

Blue Foot mushrooms contain high amounts of thiamine, or vitamin B1, which helps support nervous system functions and blood sugar metabolism. The lilac-gilled mushrooms also contain large amounts of polysaccharides, better known as carbohydrates.


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